Priesthood Restoration

The church teaches that the Priesthood was restored in 1829 but no claims of it can be found until at least 1832. The accounts of how it came about seem to have been retrofitted and backdated later on. Joseph Smith said he was ordained by Peter, James and John in 1829, but then gets ordained to it in June 1831 by Lyman Wight. Why was he ordained if he had already been ordained?

Mom’s additional thoughts on the priesthood: Why is it only for men? Only men can act for God? That is sexist. Why is the priesthood required for holding most church leadership positions? This automatically disqualifies women. Again, very sexist. Women are severely underrepresented in Church leadership as a result and always ultimately answer to a man while men rarely if ever answer to a woman.  Only 8% of the speakers at General Conference are women. The church tries to justify all of this is all kinds of ways, but at the end of the day it’s simply not okay. Patriarchy in general is not okay. Simply being told that women are valued equally in the Church does not make it so. Actions speak much louder than words.

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