Mom’s Summary and Thoughts on the CES Letter (by section) – Introduction

The CES Letter was written by a man named Jeremy Runnells. At the time he was an active member of the church, a returned missionary, and had questions about some things he had learned that didn’t make sense to him. He wrote a letter to a CES Director (CES is the Church Education System), hoping to be able to get answers to these issues so that he could continue more comfortably in the church. He never received an answer to any of these questions.

This summary is just that – a summary of each section of the CES Letter. The actual CES Letter goes into more detail, includes many examples and quotes from church leaders, citations and references to historical documents, etc. This stuff is not made up. Feel free to do your own research to corroborate anything you read here that may interest you further. And, of course, you can always ask me more about any of these issues or anything else you may want to discuss.

The CES Letter focuses on issues related to church truth claims that are not supported by historical evidence. While I share all the concerns presented in the CES Letter, there are also other reasons I have chosen not to continue my activity in the Mormon church. I will write about those additional reasons another time.

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