I am a post-Mormon mom. This website is an actual letter I wrote to my child in order to help him understand some of the main issues of concern with the church. There are many amazing resources out there for people who have questions and wish to investigate truth claims. One of the most well-known compilations is the CES letter. But, like many teenagers, mine was not particularly interested in reading 150 pages. I created a summary of each section of the CES letter so he could get the basic information in a way that was compatible with his teenage attention span. We discussed each section together in a series of short conversations several months before his 18th birthday.

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  1. I love this website. I just watched your interview on Mormon Stories. I wonder if you want to include links to the Gospel Topics Essays with your links since they are actually on the church’s website? TBMs might click on a link to churchofjesuschrist.org before they will click on another link.


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